The Board of Advisers is comprised of successful Internet marketers and copywriters. The Board provides informal advice to the managers of the Internet Ethics Council (IEC), a division of the Internet Attorneys Association LLC (IAA), on an as-needed basis. This advice is solicited when a Council member’s actions fall into a gray ethical area. Although the opinions of the Board members are respected because of their experience dealing with online marketing and the ethical standards that they apply in their lives, all business decisions, including those involving membership applications and cancellations, are solely the responsibility of the IAA’s members. If a person serves as both an IAA member and on the IEC’s Board of Advisers, all business decisions made by that person are made in the capacity of an IAA member rather than a Board Adviser. The current Board of Advisers consist of the following individuals:

  • Karl – More than 20 years of providing writing, communications, and marketing services to businesses. Currently providing copywriting and direct response marketing consulting, primarily in the B2B arena.
  • Tony Blake –
  • Alysan – Alysan Delaney Childs is a public relations and marketing strategist. Alysan prepares people to have their message heard, seen and found offline and online.
  • Michel – Michel Fortin is a copywriter, marketing strategist, and co-owner of The Licorice Group, LLC with his wife, Sylvie Fortin, at
  • Craig Garber – Craig Garber is one of the highest paid and most sought after copywriters and direct marketing consultants in the world.
  • Herbert Joe, Esquire  –
  • Peter – Peter Koning has been active in the international IT, Telecom, and internet industries for over 20 years.  Peter has over 15 active websites and information products, such as Facebook Payday and Viral Sales Generator, and several other niche sites.
  • Mike Young, – Attorney Mike Young focuses on business and online marketing law. He teaches entrepreneurs how to protect and grow their businesses.
  • Sara Sara Young is a successful online marketer with her husband Internet lawyer Mike Young and the co-owner of Hokkaido Ventures LLC.

Attorney Mike Young focuses on business and online marketing law.

He teaches entrepreneurs how to protect and grow their businesses.

Important: The legal forms we're offering are a product, NOT legal representation by the Internet Attorneys Association LLC, Hokkaido Ventures LLC, Internet lawyer Mike Young, or the Law Office of Michael E. Young PLLC. When you purchase this product and use it, this does not create an attorney-client relationship. You are getting a personal use license for the forms.

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