Internet Ethics Council (IEC) Affiliate Program

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The Internet Ethics Council (IEC) Affiliate Program is a great way to promote the IEC Monthly and Yearly Memberships as well as generate some residual income.

If you are already an Internet Attorneys Association (IAA) affiliate promoting Website Legal Forms Generator Software or our other IAA products, all you need to do is log in to your affiliate center (click on the Existing Affiliate Login link above) and under programs choose the Internet Ethics Council to get your affiliate links.

Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • Two Tier
    • 40% Per 1st -Tier Sale for our memberships
    • 10% Per 2nd-Tier Sale for our memberships
  • Unlimited cookie life
  • Paid monthly via PayPal
  • Unlimited affiliate support
  • Ability to cross promote all of our IAA Products
  • Plus much more

Our Commissions:

This is a two-tier affiliate program.

  • You’ll earn a 40% Tier-1 affiliate commission on the Internet Ethics Council Monthly and Yearly Memberships for any direct sales you make.
  • You’ll also earn a 10% Tier-2 affiliate commission on the Internet Ethics Council Monthly and Yearly Memberships when someone who you referred to us becomes an affiliate and they refer visitors to our site who then purchase one or more of our products/services.
  • Note: Unlike some affiliate programs, we pay the affiliate commission on the Gross Profit not Net Profit.  Also, the Tier 2 affiliate commission is in addition to the Tier 1 affiliate commission.  It does not come out of your Tier 1 affiliate commission but out of our side of the profit.  All of this means we pay a total of 50% affiliate commissions on a two tier sale.  For example, if you sell one of the IEC yearly membership for $199.50, then we pay the Tier 1 affiliate $79.80 and the Tier 2 affiliate $19.95.

How Do I Join?

To apply for our affiliate program, we highly encourage you to be an IEC member yourself.   We are strong believers that you should promote a product or service after you have personally reviewed it first.

Please note that we do research before approving affiliate applications.

  • You should own at least one relevant website that has a global Alexa traffic rank between 1 to 250,000 or a U.S. Alexa traffic rank between 1 to 100,000.
  • Having good email lists that already convert for you is also a positive. Quality is preferred to size. A list of 5,000 customers is often better than a list of 25,000 people who opted into your list for a freebie report.
  • Your target market should overlap with ours. For example, if you sell products and services to residential real estate investors, chances are you would be disappointed trying to market our Internet-related legal products to them because most do not own websites. On the other hand, if your existing market includes U.S. business website owners, it probably overlaps with our market so you would have a better chance of making affiliate sales.
  • You should have a good reputation. Although anyone can make false accusations online, ideally you should have a positive track record that shows up in the search engines and don’t have a history with the Federal Trade Commission or law enforcement because of your business dealings. We want to help you make money as an affiliate but our reputation is important too.

To apply, go to

Existing IAA & IEC Affiliates

To log in to our affiliate resource center, go to and sign in with your username and password.  If you can’t remember your username or password, please submit a support ticket at and we’ll resend your affiliate welcome email.

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