Please click here to update your profile so that it displays in the members directory properly.

  1. Under Name, please update “Nickname” to either your company name or your full personal name depending on who owns your website.  For example, if  ABC LLC owns your website, then put ABC LLC.  If you don’t have a company, then put your personal name such as John Doe.
  2. Under Contact Info, please update “URL” with your website address.  For example, if your website is, enter
  3. Under About Yourself, please update “Biographical Info” with a description of your website or company.

If you don’t already have a gravatar (the image that will show up above your personal or company name), go to to create one.

Once done editing your profile, be sure to go to the Member Dashboard to learn how to add the member banner to your website and search for your name in the directory.